Frequently Asked Questions 11-15

11: How many people are in your village?

There are between 250-350 at any given time. There is a lot of movement between villages so it tends to fluctuate.

12: How do you heat your house?

Stove oil or for you people in the lower 48, oil. Although there are a few people who use wood stoves as a primary heat source, most have it only as backup incase the heat (or money) goes out.

13: How do you even get there?

I and other teachers take various commercial flights to Seattle, then a 737 to Anchorage. Then a slighly smaller plane to Kotzebue. Then usually a 9 passenger Navajo or Caravan to the villages. Sorry no dog sleds although a few of the costal villages occasionally take snowgos to and from Kotzebue during the winter.


14: Do people run sled dogs?

There are a few dog teams left (only 2 I know of in Shungnak) and some races. In not too long the Kobuk 440 is coming and I will post about it. But as far as primary transportation goes it is exclusively snowgos and hondas (4wheelers), although I should point out that many people have enough or nearly enough for a team just around their house as pets/ security.

The school ‘bus’

15: On the same theme; Do you take a dog sled to work?

Short answer no. Long answer, still no. The school is only about 60 feet from teacher housing. The whole town is less then a mile long so many of the kids walk to school. Some catch rides snowgos in the winter or on four wheelers at any time of year. It is kid of funny seeing the really little ones coming in all bundled up in heavy coats, ski pants, and face masks.



The wordpress challenge this week is Tour Guide so I guess this works.

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