Spring and Blizzards

It is coming to be that time of year again! Last week I saw my first ptarmigan of spring flitting through the trees. After a cold snap of -30 we have warmed up to 25  above (50 degrees in 3 days) and with the warm up came snow. The last three days we have been dumped on! It is hard to tell exactly how much because it was very windy for a bit and the snow drifted around a lot but I would guess somewhere between 12-18 inches.

All this powder has made me sad not to be out on my snowmobile (my pull cord broke and I am in the process of fixing it) but at least I still have snowshoes and skis not to mention the foot mobile.

I was also excited because Friday I saw my first wild rabbit. I have seen tracks all over the past few years but the animal itself has remained illusive.  They are quick and he was having nothing to do with me so no picture.



The light is coming back as well. We have several hours after school that we can be out in functional daylight and it feels so bright after being so dark. The down side to this is that the kids have so much energy with the light coming back that sometimes it is hard for them to focus (for us adults too). Luckily with the warm wether we can go out and burn off some of that energy and have a little fun in the process.


The challenge this week was “A Good Match“. I can’t think of a much better match up here than spring and blizzards.




I didn’t get it timed right but every now and then a good gust would blow these trees to a 45 degree angle.




For reference here is the cover photo and the same picture on a clear day side by side. Notice Katie walking to here house in the snowy one.

And for those who ask how much snow? My estimate is between 1 and 2 feet in the last 3 days but I am only guessing. I would guess we now have 3 ish feet of snow on the ground total but again just a guess. I plan to go out and actually measure another day.  Also it is worth noting that any depth is at best an average because of the severity of the drifts. In one place the ground may be bare and feet away the snow piles in 6 foot hills.



With no point of reference and the poor definition of white on white it is hard to tell just how much there is.


The berm next to our house is at least 6 feet.



The trail which is on top of what we already had, and which was shoveled through only some of the new snow is about a foot deep just to the snow.



These sleds were on top just before the snow came. Lucky they were not where the snow piles or they would be gone until spring.

Notice Kevin’s front steps in the back. This is after being shoveled. And you might also see that it comes up to his window!



All this drifting, particularly against doors and across walking space, makes me think that ‘snow engineer’ should be a job. Someone who could look at the layout of a place and use some physics and arrow dynamics to predict how the snow will drift if a house is put in a given spot. Someone who could say, don’t put it there because it will cause a drift on that guys door, or turn it this way so you can get out in the winter. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame the builders or surveyors. They are here during building season… in the summer… So they really have no way to predict what the snow will do against the building they are putting up. I just think that given where we live it might be worth some consideration as a little forethought would save a great deal of headache in years to come.


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