First Snow of the Year

img_0253Fog means cold wether is coming. We have had quite a bit of fog over the last week and so the temperatures dropped from 60s to 40s and even below freezing at night. Wednesday (sept. 14th) morning we woke up to our first snow of the year. True it was only a dusting and was already melting by 7am. And also true that the days rain melted it by the end of the day but it also means that more cannot be far away.


I am very excited. I have been itching to get out on my snowgo again and to try out some new traps I got over summer. Snow also means I can visit friends in other villages and go further looking for caribou. This year I would really like to get a caribou. Last year I did not look very hard because I had a freezer full of moose meat and really no room for caribou but this year most of the meat is gone, barring another moose.

img_0185Several people have very kindly taken me out moose hunting by boat but no bulls spotted
yet on the water, just some bear tracks. I did have an opportunity at another moose last weekend just past the new road. He was pretty big. Not quite as big as last year but well over 50 inches with 3 brow ties on one side and 4 on the other. He even gave me a nice broad side at about 100 yards. But he was on the other side of a creek. as the picture below shows he was on the left side of the slew going out.img_0186

It is quite obviously dry from this angle but closer to shore we I was not as sure

Even so I could have shot him and borrowed a canoe to get the meat out. But he was chest deep in grass and I could hear water every time he took a step. I was afraid that he might be in 4 feet of water and if I put him down would be unable to get him to dry land to butcher.

Last year the moose went down in a few feet of water and we pulled him out with a couple four-wheelers. This time there would be no way to get a four-wheeler to the other side. So difficult though it was I passed on the shot. On walking up a nearby hill it appeared that the ground may have been dry, but it was difficult to tell.

The next day I spent several hours crossing and walking around the slew to see what the conditions were like. In the place that I had first spotted him he was definitely too deep in the water but as he had walked away from me he had moved onto dryer ground and I could have taken the shot.

I am a little disappointed because I could have gotten him and he was so big, not only antlers but also big in general. However it is my belief that if I am not confident that I can retrieve the animal then I should not take the shot. Some people may think that I should have known it was dry and that I might not be a great hunter. I argue better unsuccessful than bad.

More than any of the rest I wish I had thought to take a picture. If you don’t shoot it you might as well photograph it. Otherwise no one believes how big ‘the one that got away’ was.




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