Slush up… the worst time of year

The light is coming back, with it comes warmth and there goes the snow. Many of the teachers are doing the happy dance and are glad to see the cold and snow melting away. I am not one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer. It is nice to be able to hike around and the warmth does feel pretty good. I like being able to do outdoor activities that require fine motor skills without getting frostbite. And of course it is much easier to go fishing without 4 feet of ice in the way.

Kids playing with toy snowgos on the newly plowed ‘river’ last year.

IMG_8218The trouble is that the snow doesn’t just leave. It melts. As I have mentioned in my
post on snow, the arctic is a desert and gets little precipitation. However what we do get cannot go through the permafrost and so it sticks around in the form of mud and puddles and slush for a quite a while. The snow no longer supports your weight so best case you sink in every step,

3 feet of slush water hidden underneath

worst case there is a large puddle under. The city very kindly plows the slush out of the way of the road, unfortunately this creates a pretty good berm in front of the house (easy fix) and a channel for all the water to become a river (not as easy).

Summer is great and winter is great, and even fall is good, but sinking in every step and not being able to drive for getting stuck (let alone walk). That I could do without.




Don’t forget how fast the seasons change either. That is the good news. Especially with the small amount of snow we got this year (comparatively), the slush is not as deep as last year so it will probably not be as muddy and the slush will not be around as long. Last year is was slushy and muddy for over a month. This year I think will be through the most of it in a few weeks.

The elapsed time between the pictures is 5 days. Both are taken on the main street.The cones would be in front of the houses on the second picture and I took the second picture from roughly where the kids are lined up in the background of the first.


And again 5 days later.


Another comparison. Elapsed time; less than a week.


IMG_8255The great thing about snow is that, although you may track in water, you don’t really track in dirt. So the mud room doesn’t get very dirty in the winter. Now the single step in to take off your boots makes a puddle of mud. Then next time you come in a little further so you don’t have to step in the mud with your socks and that spreads it a little more. Then a guest comes in and tracks mud the whole way to the internal door and its everywhere. As soon as you clean it gets dirty again. While this happens spring summer and fall, it is worst at this time of year.

Reason number one for elevating houses is the permafrost (don’t want it to melt and sag under your house). This is reason number 2. Taken on the main street.





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