Friday I drove out to Kobuk to watch a basketball tournament. During the day we had seen a large flock of ptarmigan off the back porch of the school and a short ways out of town I ran into them. I love my Ruger .22 takedown. I can take it apart to fit in a pack and I can put it together and be shooting in under a minute. IMG_8043

I stopped and picked off 5. I figured that was enough even though the flock was still there and I am sure that I could have found someone to take them, but I didn’t want to clean too many. So after picking them up I continued on. The games were fun even and it was great to visit with some of the Kobuk staff. I also saw a good deal of our Shungnak students there. They were pretty surprised to see me there. In their mind I live at the school and while its not too weird to see me around the town, seeing me in another town was just too much. IMG_8041

I love the wolf wind sock. Just to be clear a tanned wolf is about $500.

IMG_8087It was snowing and blowing. It has been snowing lately and we got 6-8 inches in 48 hours last week. But now with the wind the trail and tundra is pretty low snow again.




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