Valen-times Day

We had a funeral Friday that most of the class left for, so we did our party Monday.

I was a little excited about some of the activities. We started with a ‘kiss’ race that I saw online. Basically you split them into however many teams you want and the first person in line puts on some adult gloves and has to unwrap and eat a hershey’s kiss. Then the next person gets the glove and so on until a group finishes. Important to make sure they do not just eat it wrapper and all. Some of them want to win so bad! A couple of them came up with the strategy of holding it and tearing at the wrapper with their teeth. A little unorthodox but effective and good creative thinking!IMG_7779



Then we made love goggles, actually we made mini love goggles, out of pipe cleaners. Some of the kids struggled to keep it a heart shape so some were just fuzzy glasses but that’s ok. Some got creative and made each heart a different color which turned out kind of cool too.


And then it was time for what I believe to be my best idea. We did a secret cupid. I wrote every student’s name on a heart and put it in a hat to be pulled by their peer. Then we made valentines. A college suggested that we do layered hearts so we did. I put out crayons, markers, colored pencils, glitter, stickers and
stuff to glue on different tables around the room. The instructions were to take one heart from each table (they were sorted by size) and make sure none of them were the same color. It is also important to make sure they understand that this is a secret so not to put their names on them or the other person because someone walking by might see. My concern was that someone would not want to make one for someone they didn’t like but I think the secret part of it helped. Plus at the end they didn’t know who it was from so the next time they said something unkind they could be reminded that that could have been the person who made you a valentine kind of like it was from everyone.


The only hitch was that I did not give clear instructions as to the glitter. We had glitter glue which was fairly easy, but we also had regular glitter. I assumed they had used it before and understood that they needed to put down glue first. They did not. They sprinkled it from the shakers straight onto the paper and it of course would not stay. So the the solution was to take the lid off the shaker and dump it all on. Before I knew it there was glitter everywhere, on the table, on the floor as kids tried their best to clean it up, on their hands as they tried their best to clean it up, in their hair and cloths as they discovered it was on their hands and abandon trying to clean it up. It was on me so I couldn’t get upset but I do now have some cleaning to do and a lot of little glitter jars to refill.

The glitter table, but the whole room kind of looks like this.

When they were done they came to the hall one at a time and ‘delivered’ the valentines to the persons locker being careful not to get glue or their pound of glitter on the persons things. Sorry I forgot to get pictures of the finished product so you will just have to trust that they were really cool. Then they got to do a lolly lick (found here) which was actually a hundredth day activity that we didn’t get to. Basically they lick a tootsie pop and keep track of how many licks it takes to get to the center. While they were doing that I called them one at a time to go to the lockers and put their valentine in the persons locker. When they went home everyone who was here had a valentine waiting for them.




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