Quick update

Tuesday before Christmas break there was no school because the water went out. The main line running water from the river to the tank froze and broke and by Monday afternoon the water was off to the town. As I understand it there were some people who came in from somewhere, possibly Anchorage, to help with the repairs. This time the fix to the main was relatively quick and by Wednesday morning the water was back on so we only missed one day of school.

It happened that a second break was discovered shortly after turning the water back on but it was decided that the water could be left on to the school during school hours plus or minus an hour or two without impeding repairs so we were able to have school and show and wash cloths (although our students were still without water) during the rest of the week. Otherwise we would have had to make up 4 days instead of 1.

They also had some kind of deal that got set up to leave the water going a few extra hours so we could have the scheduled basketball games as well on Thursday and Friday (really Friday the day we were all leaving) but we missed the Wednesday Christmas program. We will see if there is a Christmas in January program.

In the end we were very lucky. We could have had to make up much more time and worse than that we were testing during this time. My class was finished but there were other classes who were only part way through. As a school we only have a three week window to finish and this was the start of week three. The tree weeks is tight to begin with, with the number of computers we have, but would have been impossible had the water not come back on when it did. I don’t know what happens if we don’t make the window but its not good.

I did forget that the water was off on Saturday so I did not get a shower in the morning when I flew out, so sorry to anybody sitting next to me on the flights.



In other news our previous postmistress is back so we have stable mail again. Also my snowgo is in Shungnak. I finally had it flown in. There will be a post dedicated to that eventually as well as the antler shipping which the box is in Anchorage and with luck will be home just before I leave so that I can have it scored.


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