About noon or so on Friday we lost water. Which made for a nice early release day at 2 but may bring other problems not the least of which being the dirty dishes piling up in the sink.

As I understand it a pipe froze a day or two before. It is a little unclear if they stopped pumping then and we were just using up the last of what was in the tank or if they have turned it off for repairs. We had heard that they were flushing the pipe with hot water to clear the blocked section. If it was then discovered to be burst that could explain a lot.

My concern was not the pipe itself, that would likely be a fairly straight forward and relatively quick fix (day or two), but if during the time the water was off and not moving other pipes also freeze or our floating pump freezes or has problems due to sitting idle in cold temperatures that could compound the problem. The good news is that the temperature is warmer than it has been in weeks, 20 above instead of below, so hopefully there will be no additional freezings. At least right now.

I was very much hoping that it would come back by Monday as I would rather not have to make our school day longer or continue our current half hour extension any longer than it already is. As it stands we are only about half way through making up our last water day.

We got water back late Saturday night. Maybe I will start freezing ice bricks and make a igloo as a means of storing water for next time.


P.S. I know its hard to tell but the picture is of a tub of water. It cropped weird when it published.



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