Shungnak Scramble

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Last weekend wrestlers came to Shungnak from Selawik, Ambler and Kobuk to participate in an upriver scramble tournament. All together there were probably 25-30 wrestlers about half of which were ours. It was a little chaotic as times and pairings were constantly changing but it is important to consider that no one knew it was even going to happen until wednesday (it started Friday). The whole thing was thrown together at a moments notice, thankfully not by me. A ref was found, matches were scheduled and assignments were given for concessions, flights were arranged and everything worked out.

I was so excited. I have four students from my class who have been coming to practice. One was out of town but every one of the other three won a match! Our other wrestlers did very well also and I was excited for them too but it is hard not to feel a little good that ‘my’ kids did well.

This weekend we are off to Kotzebue for the Bush Brawl. Most if not all of the villages will be participating. The competition is stiffer but it is also a chance for the kids to travel. Some of the money from concessions has been used to upgrade the 9 seat plane to a 19 seat plane. This means that all of the kids will be able to go whereas usually it is just the high school and maybe a couple middle school kids. The extra room also mean that I, as an assistant coach, will get to go too, which is especially exciting because my snow mobile is in Kotzebue so I will finally get to see it!


Our wrestling team plus my attempt at balloon headgear.


Also, we have snow. It is super fluffy and light.


Village white walls.


The class went out snow shoeing looking for tracks. Hopefully next week we can start setting snares.


Went out skiing and it was blowing sideways. The picture really doesn’t do the snow justice. If flies off the ground like sand and billows around like smoke.


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