Eskimo Ice-Cream

How to make Eskimo Ice-Cream.IMG_6822

Step one, shoot a caribou and harvest the fat. The fat was provided for this one.

Step two, heat the fat on the stove until it melts into an oily liquid. There were pieces of meat mixed in that did not dissolve.

Step three stir with a fork because it is super hot!


Step four, once it cools enough stir it with your hand. Be sure to scoop out as much of the mixed in meat as possible. I kind of thought we would strain it but apparently finger straining is good enough.


Step five keep stirring.


Step six keep stirring.


Step seven keep stirring!


Step eight stir faster! If you slow down or stop for very long it will congeal clumpy instead of fluffy plus the faster you stir the faster the process goes. It should start to feel kind of like shaving cream.


Step nine add fish flakes or crackers and fruit. We used crackers, apricots and blueberries. Don’t forget to keep stirring.


Step ten. Eat on crackers or straight from a bowl.


Special note. If caribou are not plentiful in your area you can substitute the fat for Crisco®.


4 thoughts on “Eskimo Ice-Cream

    1. No no sugar. Actually it can be pretty good if it is fresh and cold, warm and a few days old not so much. And I can see how it might be an acquired taste. Actually I didn’t mind it when I first tried it. It had a odd fish/meat after taste but was surprisingly creamy (cool whip is a high percentage of oil after all) but then someone mentioned that it could be made with crisco and then all I could think was that I was eating spoonfuls of crisco and that pretty much did it for me.


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