Other peoples work

We got a blast of warm weather (~40F) and some rain so all 4-5 inches of snow which we all thought was settled for winter, is gone. I guess I was a little early in getting out the skis but we did get the kids out a couple times before it was gone.

I have been sort of writing lately, partly because I have a devastating case of writers block coupled with too-much-to-do-itis. Commenting with questions would probably help that so I blame all of you because it is easier than blaming me (;

So instead of coming up with some great topic I am posting other peoples work. Below is a link to the journal by a teacher and some accompanying historical documents of and relating to Shungnak School in the 1950s. There is also a youtube link to a video which shows some of Shungnak. The prompt all the people are responding to is something along the lines of why do you live here and what do you do for fun? I would like to make something similar  and am currently working on some prompts and how to edit videos.



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