Arctic “Fall”

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Fall, by which I mean winter in the vernacular of any reasonable people, is upon us. Thursday the winds blew in a flurry of snow as the temperature dropped. By morning we had about 4 inches and it was still going. By afternoon the snow had stopped which was good because it had warmed up to almost 40F. The kids were very excited as was I. Last year we did not get the skis out until after Christmas so this year I was determined to make up for it. So Friday September 25th, that’s right September, we geared up and took a few laps around the school on skis. It was a blast and I am hopeful that in the months to come we can do it more often and for longer. It is now Sunday and the weekend temperatures have stayed low enough that the snow is still around and so we might even be able to go again on Monday. I still maintain that it will warm up again and this batch will be gone. The principal is adamant that it is here to stay,but we will see.




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