Went for a hike yesterday. Went up the creek. There were some mushrooms on the way as well as a few other things.

IMG_6158.jpgIMG_6167.JPG IMG_6168.JPG

IMG_6170.JPG IMG_6172.JPG


There is a new rod going in. I think it seems to be headed to Kobuk. I think it will make a great ski route come winter and in the mean time is a good hike. They’ve only got about half a mile so far. If it is going to Kobuk they have a ways to go. It will be interesting to see how it looks come spring. It looks great now but my fear is the sand in the gravel will wash out and it won’t be quite so smooth.IMG_6185.JPG


Looking up and down the creek. This one has a beaver lodge and a dam although I have yet to see any beavers!

IMG_6175.JPG IMG_6178.JPG


3 thoughts on “Mushrooms!

  1. Way to go!! If these are up there there should be some good edible ones, too!! Avoid the red with white spots at all costs, deadly! The little tan ones look like puffballs, check to see they have absolutely no stem and are totally white in the center. If there greenish yellow wish or grayish, the spores will be bitter, if they have a cup underneath them they are poisonous! The orange ones look a lot like chanterelles, but are not. Some call them s false Chanterelle. I’ll send an ID card up with your mom, but find somebody who knows mushrooms in the village! I love you honey!! Forage on!!!!😉


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