Mostly photos this time


A couple of adult ‘kids’ checking out the map. Soooo cool! Noone can resist the awesome!


I was out walking around sunset (midnight) and saw a weird glow on the post office. The tall light that looks like a neon sign is actually a metal pole reflecting the sunset.


This is a picture of the sunset. The picture doesn’t come close to the true colors but by the time I got my good camera set up it was gone.


This is taken out the mudroom window. The colors are a little better. Still not great


Sleeping beauty mountain at the end of the tundra to the north. We have two seasons, wet and . This is what she looks like in the former. Soon I will have pictures of the latter.IMG_6122.jpgIMG_6124.JPG

Tundra berries for Auntie Bev to ID. The one on the right they say is tundra cranberries but I don’t know if there is a specific variety. The ones on the left they call black berries. Obviously they are different from lower 48 black berries. I think these are just ‘black’ berries but would love a real name. (She informs me that the one in the other post, titled more fish, was fire weed.)IMG_6113.JPG

Heres more fire weed in a different stage. It gets all cottony.


School and teacher housing with the tundra and hills in the background.


We may have to cut the pike for him to fit in the oven… or maybe bbq? Seriously I’ve caught smaller salmon!

P.S. Feel free to comment and ask questions!


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