I went fishing yesterday and was very happy to see some big pike. I let several go but still managed to keep a couple. While cleaning the big one I came on what looked like scaled lungs. I was surprised to find that it was in fact a smaller fish that the pike had eaten. When I say smaller I mean relatively. Though half digested I estimate that the meal had been between 8-10 inches. and it was at lest 2-3 inches wide. Pike are greedy so I guess I don’t need to worry much that my hooks are too big.



Also here’s a flower for auntie Bev to id. Sorry it’s almost in focus, the camera was struggling.


I also glimpsed a cow moose with two calves up the river, sorry no pictures, but I think I might try to keep a count this year. So far I’m at 1 fox and 3 moose. To be continued.

I spent most of today dinking in my classroom, but I still managed to get some work done. The Facebook bulletin board which will be used for student work, was mostly finished yesterday but the rest is today.IMG_6089IMG_6092IMG_6088

We thought it was funny that not only are we (pop ~300) not on the big world map (see last post) but neither is Kotzebue (pop ~3000) which is only funny because Deering (pop ~100) is on there.IMG_6086IMG_6087

The boards are all off the windows now. Some of my students helped me carry the big ladder. This is the view out my window (houses) and the living room (school fish rack).


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