Back in the Arctic

I’m back in town and busy busy. We have a new teacher coming who will be needing the house I was in last year owing to the family she is bringing and the extra rooms it affords. So I spent the better part of the first day moving out of the old house and into the new one. The new place is a little smaller and there are several features that I prefer at my old place not the least of which is the shorter commute. Ok only by a dozen steps or so but still…

IMG_6057.JPG IMG_6058.JPG

My new room. Look now because it will never be this clean again.

I guess this is really day three and I have spent much of it putting my classroom back in order. We had to push all the furniture to the side so that they could shampoo the carpets which seems reasonable but we also had to take everything off the walls which is a little irksome.

I am trying a new layout this year in that I have moved my desk a few feet north and the computer station a few feet south. I have my desks back in grids again also. Last year I moved into pairs and finally groups of three. It would save lots of space to be able to group them but I don’t yet know who works well or can even get along with who yet. Even though most of this years class was with me last year and I am only getting a few new ones, it has been a long summer and it never hurts to give them some space. Frankly, although I know desk groups is in fashion at the moment, I don’t see anything wrong with the traditional grid pattern if space allows.


My colleague slacking in my classroom and a HUGE world map I got on amazon! Only $30 and its laminated and stands 48″X78″. It takes up lots of space but it’s soooo cool! I might get another for my house! (The falling down Alaska map will probably have to find a new home.)

Right now my big frustrations are the rumors of additional students which would mean I would be short a few minor things and would make my seating chart much less symmetric, and the fact that the bins I bought over summer to hold the composition notebooks hold just shy of a full class set. But these are small concerns. I am more nervous as to wether or not I will be able to do the things I want. I keep thinking of ideas which on their own are great but don’t necessarily work well in a schedule. I also worry about the length of the school days. It’s a brutal move from stay up all night and play all day to school, school, school (for me and them). I am doing lesson plans and find myself thinking if only we got out an hour earlier. My fellow teachers have pointed out that would mean we would have to start early too, to which I say just have early release every day!

We almost have all the boards off our windows which should make circadian rhythms work a little better. With the lights off in the room it is hard to tell if its the middle of the night or afternoon, of course with the long daylight it is just as hard anyways. I haven’t been hiking yet but hope to just as soon as I get a little further on my classroom and lesson plans. I hate having that hanging over me but I doubt it will ever be done. I don’t want to be one of those teachers who only works and doesn’t get out and live but sometimes (lots of times) I am. I think teaching is one of those jobs that is just never ‘finished’ there is always more that could be done and that bothers me no end. On the up side I am in love with my new summer purchase. Magnetic bulletin border! Our school has movable magnetic panel walls so two of my four walls are magnetic. That means I don’t have to poke holes or deal with staples and tacks but it also means there are no cork boards on those walls and tape has historically failed. The teacher across from me was very kind last year and put me on to magnet clips even going so far as to share her own supply. I love them and bought a bunch over Christmas last year. But with these borders I can make pretend boards and frame posters or anchor charts (which I promise to do this year). Most of these borders have been used on the enormous map shown above.

I have no clue how many days left until opening day but not enough!


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